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Time For United States History Podcast


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The story of the United States begins way back in history with the first voyages of Christopher Columbus. Learn the fascinating events that shaped the emerging republic from the first colonial explorers to the dangers faced by the Founding Fathers as the Timeline of United States History progresses. Visit the author’s web site at www.mossyfeetbooks.comEmail the author at:mossyfeetbooks@gmail.com

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Introduction to the Podcast

Episode 1 The signing of the Magna Carta by King John in England in 1215
3 The Secret Elopement of Ferdinand and Isabella
4 Reconquista Complete
5 Columbus Meets Queen Isabella
06 Spanish Monarchs Sign Contract with Christopher Columbus
7 Christopher Columbus Sets Sail On His First Voyage
8 Christopher Columbus Arrives In the Canary Islands

9 Columbus Arrives In the Bahamas
10 Christopher Columbus Learns Of Maize

11 The Columbian Exchange

Christopher Columbus Returns
Columbus’ Second Expedition Begins
John Cabot departs to North-America